About Impact Solutions

Located adjacent to Genentech, Coca-Cola, and Ashworth, Impact Solutions is among the high caliber companies that have chosen to locate at Ocean Ranch Corporate Centre in the City of Oceanside.

Our Clients / Projects


The Four R’s

Impact Solutions offers over two decades of combined local experience in service and technology—California’s most valuable industries. Because we’re in business for the long haul, we do things differently. We maintain constant focus on Retention, Referrals, Relationships, and Reputation.

Service: Our Best-Selling Product

As technologies become increasingly interconnected, the distinction between product and service begins to blur. We’ve responded to a growing need for complete technology solutions by serving you a comprehensive offering of strategic staffing and technology solutions. Today, we’re proud to say that service has become the best-selling product at Impact Solutions.

Top 5 reasons to Choose Impact!

1)  Our Client Base is built on referrals and retention.
2)  We run our own business using the same technology we offer you.
3)  Our comprehensive, solutions based approach saves time and improves efficiency.
4)  Our local experience enables us to attract the best people for your needs.
5)  Our background in service means you will always come first.